Become Your Own Home Inspector

Owning a home is one of the great pleasures in life but it does come with strings attached and that’s called MAINTENANCE! Inspecting your home at various times of the year will pay off in $$ and peace of mind and catch any issues before they become serious not to mention your house will run and perform become your own home inspector and have a seasonal plan for inspection in place. All you need is your eyes, ears, hands and maybe a screwdriver.

  • Walk around the exterior in the spring and check how your grade is. The grade can change season to season and low spots can form pooling water against the foundations. Not good!
  • Step back or across the street and scan your roof. You’ll be amazed at issues we see that can be viewed just by looking up!
  • Look at your gutters and check the downspouts are all complete and draining at least 6 ft away from your foundation
  • Walk the perimeter and scan your walls and vent terminals for broken grilles and rotten trim and cracks in the envelope
  • Check that vegetation is not touching the walls and trees are away from roof and structure

If something is amiss you’ll know and can catch it early. Easy right? and only 1/2 hr of your time taken up!

Moving inside

Check your smoke detectors are

  1. Present
  2. In date
  3. Batteries replaced annually
  4. Tested by pushing the button

Check your furnace filters are clean

  • Change every 2-3 months cheap filters will put less strain on your furnace components and move air more effectively.
  • Check your humidifier water panel is not corroded and change every heating season and keep your indoor humidity set around 30-40% lower if really cold

Check your plumbing under sinks

  • Test all shutoffs for operation and leaks
  • Vanity p-traps often slip down and create negative fall. Push them up and tighten

Your attic is a lonely place so pop your head in and say hi! Just a quick visual from the entrance to check

Inspecting your home is free! And could save you thousands. We see many issues on inspections that are costly now but could have been avoided with due diligence. So twice a year in spring and autumn walk your house and inspect it!

1 hr could make all the difference.

Check and clean through ducts and vacuum your bathroom grilles for optimal ventilation

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