Preparing for a Home Inspection

A guide for sellers by Howard Crick CPI

Ok so you’re selling your home and you’ve received an offer that your happy with and accepted it. Fantastic! Now what? That’s it sit back and relax? It’s a done deal right? Not quite you have to endure the HOME INSPECTION!

The homes not ready! I told you we should have finished that basement! The dens only half painted!! Arrgghh.

It’s ok don’t panic we’re not monsters. We want it to go smoothly as well.

So here are a few tips to prepare the home as best as you can.

  1. Clean the house. We are humans first and inspectors second. If we walk into a clean house it tells us that the home is looked after. Sets the tone for a good inspection
  2. Keep your window coverings down until you’re dressed. Inspectors often get there early and inspect the roof/exterior before the clients show up, so no one gets any surprises!
  3. Make things accessible. This is my pet peeve! We know you have to live and we fully appreciate that we are guests in your home. Please try to tidy up under sinks of excessive clutter. We have to check the plumbing and when we open the doors and it spills out everywhere the inspector is not happy! Trust me on this one. Clear objects away from furnaces, water tanks, and electrical panels.
  4. Replace any bulbs that are blown. Sometimes these can be interpreted as faulty fixtures so remove all doubt and replace them.
  5. Put in a clean furnace filter. We like that!
  6. Check your toilets. If they’re loose then they might just need a tweak on the bolts. (not too tight). If they leak we’ll find it but if they’re secure it helps
  7. Leave any remotes for fans/fireplaces so we can check them
  8. If you’ve had any work done to show it off with the documents, warranties or permits! Saves wasted phone calls and time.
  9. Turn pilot light on any fireplaces and turn on any in-floor heating.
  10. Make sure any downspout extensions are installed and away from the foundations.
  11. Be sure to notify your realtor and buyers realtor of any pet requirements. If you own a tiger or snake and it’s in the home we would like to know!

Most buyers are not expecting perfection, they just want to know they are not heading for financial ruin on a money pit. Dings and dents in your paint work are not going to crash the deal. Preparing your home with these tips will help an otherwise stressful time go more smoothly for everyone.

If you would like more info on this subject Britannia is always a phone call away and would be happy to help in any way we can!

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